Familia Door Locket
Familia Door Locket
Familia Door Locket
Familia Door Locket
Familia Door Locket

Familia Door Locket

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The magical Encanto family door on this locket opens to display beautiful pictures of your family. "Open your eyes", is inscribed on the inside of the locket as a reminder to open your eyes to who each person is as an individual, not necessarily your dreams for them but their dreams. That phrase is meant to be tucked behind your family photo for only you to see.


When the door opens, the magic is your family. Each as individuals learning and adventuring together through life with love.


PICTURE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Using a thin paper no thicker than 90lb cardstock, size and print your photo to 14mm x 21mm. You want the picture a little bigger than the opening and a little smaller than the outer edge of the locket. I used a word document to make the pictures smaller with more ease. Using your nail or fingertip, press vertically down the edge of the picture and the edge will fold around the inner rectangle to hold it in place. Repeat this process with the other vertical edge, followed by the horizontal edges.


14k gold and rose gold dipped 925 sterling silver. Silver: 925 sterling silver dipped in hypoallergenic Rhodium. All jewelry is hypoallergenic material, nickel free and lead free.


- Each chain length is adjustable with 16" and an 18" settings.


- Includes a suede microfiber cleaning cloth






A Grade: Excellent condition


B Grade: Offered at a discounted price. Chain in excellent condition, may have surface scratches or imperfections on the surface of the necklace.


DETAILED CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Do not expose to water. Over time of wearing, the dipped coloring will fade and become more of a silver color


CLEANING: Polishing Sterling Silver is typically the best way to clean your Sterling Silver jewelry. Be sure to do the following:


- Use a non-abrasive cloth (included)


- Use light strokes


- Frequently rotate to a new section of the cloth.


- Use a stroke pattern. Do not rub in a circular pattern, follow the grain of the silver.




- Store individual pieces separately.


- Store each piece in an airtight bag.


- Place in an area with low humidity.

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