Let's flip our fins back to the beginning. My name is Dominique and I am the owner of Fintastic Configuration. I'm also a mom of 2 children (Ryan and Vienna) with another Fintastic baby on the way, a wife to my amazing husband, Kevin, and an Early Intervention special education teacher / ABA therapist. My heart is in every single one of those roles. We are a Disney family through and through. I found a love in putting together fun Disney bound / inspired outfits for each trip and creating my own shirts sparked the start of Fintastic Configuration. In 2017, we opened our shop of magically inspired and custom shirts, and designing jewelry pieces quickly became a love of mine. Kevin and the kids all help out with various aspects of running this shop and it is truly a family effort. Our little shop grew slowly and Instagram has been a big part of the friends that I have made along the way. We love all things magic and princesses, however Ariel has always been my favorite princess. The Little Mermaid was the first movie that I ever saw in the theater as a child and Ariel's bold qualities and adventurous spirit have been an inspiration throughout my life and also inspired the name of my shop. I love all of my Fintastic customers. Don't feel shy about chatting with us on Instagram. Making friends is truly one of the biggest blessings this shop has offered us. Thank you for flipping your fins over to check us out.


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